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Mold Abatement, Remediation & Removal Services

ServicePro Restoration Inc. is the leading provider of mold abatement, removal & remediation services in Southern California. We have over 30 years experience as Mold Abatement, Removal and Remediation Contractor and handle both large and small mold projects including residential houses, commercial buildings, schools, industrial, and government facilities.

Residential and Commercial Mold Abatement,
Removal and Remediation

The first thing that is to be taken care of is protecting oneself from further losses. You will want the site protected from further damage by weather, theft or vandalism. The site left unsecured, could result in further damage. This will require you board up all broken windows, tarp up all roof openings, secure all doors, tarp all personal belongings that may have been taken out by the fire department. This can be done by yourself, however, it is best to call us SERVICE PRO RESTORATION INC, to perform the required emergency service. Exposing your home to the elements increases repair costs and lengthens the time it takes to restore your family’s life back to normal. Protect your home by calling us in your time of need. We will be there within one hour. We bill the insurance claims department so that NO PAYMENT IS REQUIRED FROM YOU THE INSURED AT THE TIME OF SERVICE!


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Water Intrusion Inspection


Mold Containment Strategies and Occupant Protection


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Materials Decontamination and Removal


Odor Removal

Experienced, Trained Mold Abatement, Removal and Remediation Specialists

Our highly trained staff consists of the most technically-trained mold removal and remediation professionals in the business. No matter what size mold abatement and remediation project, ServicePro Restoration can successfully remediate the mold, and provide the appropriate fire and water mitigation strategies to return your home, business, commercial or government facility back to pristine and healthy condition.